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Siaron Medical was contracted by a large OEM in November of 2010. The OEM had won the replacement of the Angio system at the Alaska Regional Hospital in Anchorage, Alaska. Upon contracting for the...
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Medical Storage

• Storage facility is fully alarmed and monitored 24-hours.
• Clean, dust-free, temperature-controlled storage environment suited to sensitive medical systems.
• Standard audits conducted to keep warehouse organized and up to date.

At Siaron Medical we understand the importance of the conditions when storing high end medical imaging systems. Understanding the storage requirements helped us design a medical specific to handle delicate systems. A dust free, clean environment is paramount so we opted for a special epoxy resin floor, this provided a durable strong flooring which provides easy cleaning which is performed on a daily basis whilst maintaining a showroom look. The temperature and humidity conditions are also an important  concern when storing medical systems and understanding this we had special heating and fans installed. With MRI and CTs commonly being water cooled if the water is not drained during de-install and shipping, it can lead to cracked manifolds, gradient coils and other expensive items. Understanding this and having experienced this at other storage facilities who had no heating and stored our systems at zero degrees we decided to invest on heating and humidity control.

At Siaron Medical we store nothing but medical imaging systems, you will not find your system stored between ABM machines, Vending machines and other non industy related items. In order to keep the storage area free from unwanted items all equipment used for other areas of service that Siaron provide, are stored at our sister warehouse 500m away.

It is our intent and statement to ensure that, from the moment your system enters our facility whether it be a new or used system that it is handled and stored in showroom/clinical conditions.

Just as important as the physical storage conditions are the documentation processes which all follow our ISO9001:2015 requirements ensuring quality management at all times.

Siaron Medical is proud of the storage facility and the extra's we offer compared to other facilties and would happily provide a walkthrough or tour of the facility upon request. 

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Siaron Medical understands the difficulties in trying to sell and manage a used imaging system, which is currently due for replacement or upgrade. The importance is normally focused on the new system being purchased and installed, and...

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Interim Solutions

Siaron Medical offers interim solutions while you are undergoing renovations, equipment upgrades, patient backlog or disaster recovery.  Siaron can provide mobile solutions that correspond to your project needs...

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