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Siaron Medical was contracted by a large OEM in November of 2010. The OEM had won the replacement of the Angio system at the Alaska Regional Hospital in Anchorage, Alaska. Upon contracting for the...
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Introducing Siaron's Recycle Program

Siaron Medical strives to make recycling of your used systems as seamless as possible. The amount of waste caused by electronic equipment is insurmountable and Siaron Medical takes responsibility to ensure that your system is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manor. 

In September 2014 Siaron Medical opened it's first dedicated recycling center exclusively for medical equipment, mainly diagnostic imaging equipment and this process was called Siaron Recycle. This process has been initially rolled out across BC & Alberta, The specially trained team of Siaron Project Technicians will provide the de-installation service at your location, once de-installed the unit will be loaded onto one of our dedicated trucks and transported to one of our recycling centers.

Once the system reaches the center it is weighed and booked in, recording all serial numbers. Siaron's recycling team use a special process that involves the use of expensive dedicated scanning equipment known as xRF which will detemine most metal types which enables us to group materials more efficiently.

Once all relevant data has been recorded the recycling team will then by hand start the process ostripping the system and placing the removed parts into the correct recycling bin. At the end of the process the customer will be issued a "Certificate of Destruction" (COD).

Once everything has been broken down and sorted Siaron Medical sends out the consignments to industry recyclers. 

Siaron Medical also provides in-house testing of transformers to determine if they contain harmful PCB oil. PCB oil is an organic man made material which was banned in Canada in the late 1970's. Any transformer that has a manufacture date prior to 1980 must have the PCB test carried out before it can be removed. If the test confirms PCB oil then strict government processes must be followed for the handling, transport and disposal of PCB oil.

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"Lets Recycle, we have only one world!"

Below is a short video demonstrating the complete breaking down process of a Philips PET system.

If you believe your system has any resale value, please visit "Trade" to find out more about Siaron’s ability to purchase your used system.


Siaron Medical understands the difficulties in trying to sell and manage a used imaging system, which is currently due for replacement or upgrade. The importance is normally focused on the new system being purchased and installed, and...

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Interim Solutions

Siaron Medical offers interim solutions while you are undergoing renovations, equipment upgrades, patient backlog or disaster recovery.  Siaron can provide mobile solutions that correspond to your project needs...

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