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Siaron Medical was contracted by a large OEM in November of 2010. The OEM had won the replacement of the Angio system at the Alaska Regional Hospital in Anchorage, Alaska. Upon contracting for the...
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Siaron Medical’s success is the result of our dedicated employees. Below are positions that Siaron is currently looking to fill. If there are no current opportunities in your field, please still send your resume; Siaron is always on the lookout for skilled, passionate people who are willing to work hard for success.

Medical Equipment & Cryo Project Technician, Western Canada

Siaron Medical Ltd is seeking an experienced Medical Equipment & Cryo Project Technician for the installation and set up of Diagnostic Imaging Equipment across North America.

Wage & Benefits:

• $29.00 per hour based on 40 hours per week;
• 4% vacation pay.

Job Duties:

• Installation of Siemens Medical Diagnostic Imaging Equipment, high precision, high value systems across Canada including MRI, CT, X-ray systems;
• Relocation of medical systems across Canada;
• Plan and execute disposal and recycling process of medical systems across Canada;
• Work with OEM supplied schematics and drafts to install, connect and calibrate systems;
• Work to implement Helium/Cryo fill contracts;
• Operate hoisting and lifting devices to position medical equipment;
• Examine and inspect, adjustment and calibrate system components to ensure systems are clinically functional to OEM standards;
• Plan installation procedures with strict adherence to ISO 9001:2008 processes and standards, completion of documentation required;
• May supervise other technicians in the installation and set up and testing of medical systems.


• Minimum 2 years experience in diagnostic imaging equipment installation required;
• MRI, CT and Xray Training and ISO experience required;
• Helium/Cryo gas handling and MRI filling experience required;
• Willingness to travel Canada wide and worldwide as required;
• Strong mechanical, electrical and computer skills essential.

Please submit your resume and cover letter.

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Siaron Medical looks forward to hearing from you.

Programa de compra

Siaron Medical tiene muy en cuenta las dificultades que implica la venta y gestión de un sistema de imágenes médicas usado, cuya sustitución o actualización está prevista..

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Soluciones provisionales

Siaron Medical ofrece soluciones provisionales para situaciones de renovación en curso, actualizaciones de equipos, retrasos de pacientes o recuperación de desastres...

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