Case Study

Siaron Medical was contracted by a large OEM in November of 2010. The OEM had won the replacement of the Angio system at the Alaska Regional Hospital in Anchorage, Alaska. Upon contracting for the...
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Siaron Medical, an ISO 9001:2008 organization, is held to the highest standard of quality management in the industry, while adhering to a continual improvement approach to business.

Siaron Medical has extensive experience in medical diagnostic imaging solutions ranging from full technical services to the sales of previously owned medical equipment. Siaron Medical covers a broad range of solutions and services, specializing in the medical, dental and veterinary industries.  With Siaron headquarters and offices in Canada as well as abroad, Siaron is able to service both local and global markets.

Siaron Medical offers total solutions. By working with Siaron from project inception to completion, Siaron is able to manage the project and ensure that every step is complete without the drawbacks of using multiple suppliers. Siaron’s one-stop shop approach to providing imaging solutions allows you to minimize your risks and maximize your productivity.

Siaron Medical’s experience and knowledge in medical imaging allows Siaron to provide you with quality used equipment to meet your imaging needs at affordable prices within your budget.

Siaron Medical strives to be progressive in the medical diagnostic industry, consistently providing innovative project solutions.  Siaron’s trained, knowledgeable, sales and service professionals have years of experience in the medical imaging industry. Siaron Medical offers first-class customer service and our professionals are available around the clock to assist you with your questions.

Programa de compra

Siaron Medical tiene muy en cuenta las dificultades que implica la venta y gestión de un sistema de imágenes médicas usado, cuya sustitución o actualización está prevista..

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Soluciones provisionales

Siaron Medical ofrece soluciones provisionales para situaciones de renovación en curso, actualizaciones de equipos, retrasos de pacientes o recuperación de desastres...

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