Alaska Regional Hospital Case Study

Jun 20, 2011


To remove, relocate and sell a used Angio system located in Anchorage, Alaska with two weeks notice.


Siaron Medical was contracted by a large OEM in November of 2010. The OEM had won the replacement of the Angio system at the Alaska Regional Hospital in Anchorage, Alaska. Upon contracting for the removal, Siaron was given the option to buy the 8 year old Angio system from the OEM.  Following the purchase, Siaron found a buyer in the system’s original manufacturers’ refurbishing department in Germany.

Siaron was given two weeks notice for project execution and everything had to be arranged at last minute.  Siaron arranged for the transport frames to be shipped in from Germany on very short notice, without these frames, the system could not be de-installed without causing un-repairable damage to the system, making these frames critical.  The frames arrived the day of de-installation.

The first task once arriving on site was to perform a function check to ensure basic functionality of the Angio system. With a very short timeframe of 3 days and 4 nights, the Siaron team worked tirelessly to professionally de-install the system. All the transport frames were correctly fitted, installed and verified. All cables were individually checked and coiled, all accessories were checked and wrapped after they were logged on the removal inventory.  Once the system was completely de-installed and ready to be rigged from the hospital location, we worked with our assigned rigging and transport team to ensure the system was removed from site with minimal disturbance to the hospital, the staff and more importantly the patients. 

Once the unit was back in the local storage facility, Siaron prepared for the export process. Siaron was required to have the system crated, ensuring the correct wood was used for European import. All the custom and export documents were created and the system was then loaded into a sea container so it could begin its adventure to Europe. After travelling nearly 20,000 km, which included a shortcut through the Panama Canal, and nearly 3 weeks, the system finally arrived in Germany. The system was checked over by the OEM refurbishing team who were extremely pleased with the quality of the system, the de-installation and the supporting documentation.


The above case study demonstrates all of Siaron’s services in action; which included technical services, full logistic services, organization of the export process and marketing of a pre-owned medical system. All of this resulted in a one-stop solution of which Siaron serviced the needs of two major OEMs and Alaska Regional Hospital directly.


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